How to wear gloves in Dental office?


Gloves must be worn when skin contact with body fluids or mucous membrane is anticipated or when touching items or surface that may be contaminated with these fluids.   After contact with each patient, gloves must be removed; hands must be washed and then regloved before treating another patient.

surgical gloves

Repeated use of a single pair of gloves to disinfectant or other chemicals often cause defects in gloves, there by diminishing their values as effective barrier.  Latex or vinyl gloves should be used for patient examination and procedure.  Heavy rubber gloves also called utilizing gloves should preferably be used for cleaning instruments and environmental surfaces.  Dentist show allergic reaction to latex gloves can use nylon glove liners under latex rubber or plastic gloves.  Polyethylene gloves also known as food handler’s gloves may be worn over treatment gloves to prevent contamination.

      • A surgical glove is fitting and generally the most expensive disposable glove used in maximum protection is indicated.
      • Employers should not wash or disinfect the surgical or examination gloves for reuse.
      • No gloves should be used if they are peeled, cracked or discolored or if they have puncture, tears or other evidence of distortion.
      • Inadequate drying of the hands prior to gloving has proven to be another cause of dermatitis.
      • The utility gloves can be washed, sterilized, disinfected and rinsed and that are puncture resistant.

technique to wear gloves


  • Wash hands before doing gloves
  • Choose a glove that fits tightly
  • Replace gloves immediately if born
  • Ensure chair side assistants wear gloves
  • Wash hands immediately after glove removal.
  • Treat gloves as surgical waste and dispose of them accordingly.

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