Instructions to be followed after Extraction – Tooth Extraction




Extraction is defined as complete, painless removal of tooth or tooth root with minimal trauma to surrounding investing structures, so that the wound heals uneventfully and there will be no post operative prosthetic problems”. extraction


  1. Your dentist will place a cotton or gaze roll in the area of tooth extraction, which need to be hold or bite firmly so that it creates a pressure over the surgical or extracted tooth site for 30min. There is no need of replacing the cotton again unless you note an active bleeding from the site. If you notice any active bleeding after 30min consult your dentist immediately.guaze pack
  2. After you remove the cotton from your mouth have some cold things like ice-cream such that it come in contact with the extracted site  icecream after extraction
  3. You are advised not to spit for the next 24 hours whether it might be your saliva or blood everything need to be swallowed, as spitting may create a negative pressure over the extracted tooth site and may initiate bleeding no spitting
  4. you are not allowed to gargle for next 24 hours. Gargling may cause disintegration of the blood clot and may initiate bleeding from the extracted socket. dont gargle
  5. You are advised not to touch the area of extracted site either with your tongue or finger
  6. You are advised not to have any hot food or beverages avoid hot food and beverages
  7. You are advised to have only cold and soft food icold food
  8. You are advised for Application of ice pack ice pack
  9. Avoid spicy and hard food items for next 24 hours  hot food
  10. Avoid eating from the side where your tooth was  extracted
  11. After extraction chances of swelling is quite common, in such case don’t panic swelling comes down slowly as healing progresses.
  12. Avoid hot fermentation on the side of extraction  hot fermentation
  13. Avoid hot food or beverages for next 24 hours. avoid hot food and beverages
  14. You are advised not to skip antibiotic and analgesic medication prescribed by your dentist
  15. You are advised to visit your dentist after one week for suture removal ( If sutures are placed) suture removal
  16. You are advised to avoid smoking, consumption of alcohol and use of tobacco for next 48 hours quit smoking,alcohol
  17. You are advised to restrict your self to calm activities ( Avoid vigorous exercise for next 48 hours) avoid workout
  18. If bleeding persists even after 24 hours immediately contact your dentist consult dentist

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